Alice + Brosie

You hear the phrase ” happiest day of my life” thrown around quite a bit, especially on wedding days. Happiness shows itself in different ways – some express their love intensely, others give each other a shy smile when they meet down the aisle. Alice and Brosie were a couple who literally did not stop smiling and laughing from the second they saw one another over the beautiful outdoor aisle at the picturesque Terindah Estate in Bellarine.

From then on the whole day was about laughter and fun, with the couple entertaining guests with a professionally choreographed dance routine to the song  “Love Serenade” by The WaifsCelebrations didn’t stop at the dance as the reception moved onto Little Blue Pavilion on the St Kilda Pier and they danced the warm summer’s night away.

The song’s lyrics said ” Honey I’m sitting on top of the world, just thinking about youwords that could not have summed up Alice and Brosie’s wedding day better.



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