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Katie + Matt

When people ask my advice on what to look for when booking their wedding photographer I always say the same thing – you have to like them as much as you like their work. Most couples spend more time with their photographer than anyone else on the day so you have to make sure it’s someone you get along with.

But sometimes that can go both ways which leads us to Matt and Katie. When we first met up for a coffee I was expecting to spend the usual half an hour or so with them for a consult. That first chat became one and a half hours as we discussed everything from music, school friends, the suburb we both live in and of course their May the 4th wedding with all the Star Wars jokes that came with it. I walked away feeling like I had just made two new friends.
These low key lovebirds got married in the Abbotsford convent with Katie arriving in a double decker London style bus that later took guests to the reception. Looking like a pair of movie stars it was impossible not to be swept up in their infectious joy and fun. We wandered around the convent which looks especially romantic with the drizzling rain and Katie’s gorgeous fur wrap keeping her warm.

Then it was onto Circa St Kilda where Matt and Katie had organised one of the most delicious antipasto grazing platters to accompany the great menu Circa has. Matt and Katie love to travel so each table was delegated a country and guest a place on the world Map. The evening was so full of fun and that carried into the speeches with Katie’s sister playing Trivia with all the guests. Then it was time to dance, drink and be merry.

We want to thank Matt and Katie for letting us be witness to a true love story and we hope you like the photos as much as we do xx

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