1. Two photographers hey? What’s that about?

Although Morganna has shot many weddings by herself we find that having two photographers for part of the day helps everything run smoothly. We are sure you have been warned that your wedding day will fly by before you know it but by having two of us with you for the key parts of the day means you will never feel rushed during your photos. We also know that on the day you will want to celebrate with your friends so having two photographers during the couples portraits means we can get two different perspectives without taking double the time. We are lucky to have a lot of brilliant female photographer friends who help out at weddings so you will always get Two Girls with Cameras!


2. I like your photos but I want our portraits at a Beach, a Park, a Vineyard, a Laneway, the City and a Field. Can you do that?

The simple answer is yes we can but we choose not to. Your wedding day is about a celebration of your love, not sitting in traffic panicking about getting to the next location. We recommend you give us about an hour for your couples portraits which is plenty of time provided we don’t have to travel to too many locations. After all, you don’t want to look back on your wedding day and remember it as one long car ride between photo shoots. That being said if you choose a location that has everything you want in the one spot we can certainly photograph it all for you.


3. Do you pose the shots? I hate having my photo taken.

We are right there with you on that one! Having a photo taken can be an awkward and self conscious experience so we will position you in the best place and get you laughing and interacting with each other naturally so we can get those great candid shots of the two of you enjoying yourself.


4. Do we get all the shots from the day? Can we have your RAW files too?

The DVD we supply you will have all the curated and edited images from the day supplied in both high and low resolution jpeg format. The high resolution files are big enough to be printed any size and we can recommend some of the best photographic printing labs in Melbourne so you get the best out of your prints. We do not supply our RAW files for a few reasons, one being that weddings can sometimes result in dozens of gigabytes of files which can be hard to hand over to anyone not running a professional photographic workspace, another being that with two shooters we are often shooting both NEF and CR2 files so consistency in colouring is all done in post production by Georgia. We keep all those curated shots on file for you so if you were to ever loose them we can burn you another disc.


5. What is this proof album?

In the old days of film, photographers used to give out a box of proofs (an industry term for first draft prints that haven’t been retouched) Now we have digital we realise that a lot of people don’t seem to get around to even printing images anymore which is a real shame so the proof album is a way for you to see every single image from your disc printed out in a beautiful album. All the images are colour corrected and retouched and have a small file number under them so you can track them down on the DVD if you want prints made. It’s different to a traditional album which just features the images you choose from the day, but is still a great way to show your wedding photos off without having everyone crowd around a screen to see them.


6. Ok- you girls seem great. Can we book you?

We take meetings with couples and open bookings from 12 months prior to your wedding date. The only reason we do this is that our initial meeting is not only so we get to know each other better but also so we can get a feel for your wedding day and how long you will need us for. We’ve met some pretty organised brides but even they don’t know what time start and finish will be for photography until closer to the wedding date.